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Product Detail Information
Kinds of Goods 80ml*30pouch, 80ml*60pouch
Product Description A pure liquid, any additive or preservative free, made from decocting for 32 hours Korean red ginseng for 6 years old that has become to contain, in its process from fresh ginseng being steamed and dried, more than 38 kinds of ginsenosides, i.e. Rg1 and Rb1, beneficial for human health. take it during busy working hours to boost your energy and keep out you sound. You can enjoy the original taste and aroma of Korean red ginseng, and mix it to make a new flavor of cocktail, even good for your and freinds' liver.  It is the most traditional way to intake more than a thousand years in folks of Korea.

It is packed in pouch, retort material, easy to carry and

If need to get the efficacy of Korean ginseng detailedly, please refer to "Korean Ginseng I want to know about it" (English, Chinese) listed in LITERATURES on this internet site.
If contact us by email address :, "ALL ABOUT KOREAN GINSENG (62 pages, English, Chinese, Japanese) will be provided per your language preference
How to take Take 1~2 packs per day (Children under 15 age : 1/2 to adult)
To take on an empty stomach is recommendable for more efficacy.
* Caution : do not heat in micro oven. In the stead, put into warm water.
Storage Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine
Self life 24 months from mfg. date